Enterprise Consulting, Inc. and Pagero Group sign partnership agreement for implementation and services in North America

Enterprise Consulting is pleased to announce that we are entering a partnership with Pagero Group, specialized in services to improve AP and AR processes. Thanks to the partnership, we can now offer IFS customers in North America a new generation of services for AP and AR automation.

“Pagero’s cloud based e-invoicing platform is sorely needed in the North American market.  We’ve seen the quick return on investment that customers receive when implementing Pagero’s e-invoicing solution, and we are excited about the opportunity to offer this to our IFS customers”, said Michael Tapper, President/CEO, Enterprise Consulting.

“A growing demand from the US market to automate their financial processes and upcoming legal demands for e-invoicing to the US Government makes it a natural decision for us to enter into the North American market”, said Bengt Nilsson, CEO, Pagero Group. “We have great confidence in Enterprise Consulting from previous joint automation projects in North America where they have showed great professionalism and delivered high quality work.”

About Enterprise Consulting, Inc.

Enterprise Consulting is a professional services and management consulting firm headquartered in Edina, Minnesota offering a full suite of business and technical services for IFS Applications. In addition to implementations and upgrades,

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Enterprise Consulting Announces Partnership with Cedar Bay

Enterprise Consulting has formed a partnership with Cedar Bay, the leading provider of Data Capture solutions for IFS Applications.

Roger Teagle, Managing Director of Cedar Bay commented, “Enterprise Consulting, Inc. is one of the key IFS North American partners and we are excited to have them within our network. We look forward to working with Enterprise Consulting and their customers. The partnership aims to bring the business benefits associated with our easy to implement and flexible data capture solutions.”

Mike Tapper, President of Enterprise Consulting said, “We are pleased to get this partnership in place. It is a great opportunity for us to be able to provide the Cedar Bay solution to our customers.”

Enterprise Consulting Supports North American Network’s Multi-Company IFS Implementation

North American Network (NAN) is a group of 12 Local Business Partner (LBP) organizations with 12 different sets of legacy ERP systems. The local business partnership exists as these companies are all distributors of a common supplier that operate in non-competing territories. These 12 companies banded together to implement IFS Applications 8.1 to address their common platform, service and business issues. Enterprise Consulting has played a key role in managing and supporting NAN throughout the 12 company implementations. Based on a common IFS configuration developed and deployed as the primary baseline for all 12 LBPs, Enterprise Consulting has provided leadership, Project Management, Technical Support, and Functional Support, both in preparation for, and in support of, IFS Go-Live. This includes a full suite of IFS Modules as well as a number of third party applications.

Though there was a single, common configuration of IFS that all 12 NAN companies agreed to adhere to, Enterprise Consulting helped each individual LBP optimize their needs within that context. There were three waves of four LBPs that went “live” together, with Enterprise Consulting often providing LBP specific preparation recommendations and IFS training.

The successful end result was:

  • A single solution - IFS Applications full

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Enterprise Consulting Assists in North American Network's IFS Implementation Preparations

Enterprise Consulting has been contracted to lead the IFS implementation at North American Network (NAN) by providing expertise in Manufacturing, Inventory and Purchasing as well as Project Management. The implementation has been split into three separate stages or Rollouts (with four companies going live at the end of each stage). The first two rollouts have been completed and the third is nearing their Go-Live. Enterprise Consulting’s role was to help the NAN companies in the second and third rollouts with pre-implementation assistance to prepare them for their Implementation/Go-Live process.

North American Network is an information system management organization formed to support and maintain information systems for their constituent, independent companies (12 in all). In 2013 North American Network (NAN) was tasked with implementing IFS Apps8 across their 12 core client companies.

Enterprise Consulting provided the NAN companies with an introduction to the IFS system and a walkthrough of key artifacts from the initial Pilot phase of the program. This walkthrough included detailed end user Work Instructions, detailed Process Flows for all common areas of the business and IFS Basic Data established during the common design phase of the project. This effort gave the NAN companies a head start on their

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Enterprise Consulting adds capability to fully implement IFS EOI to suite of services

EOI works not only with your IFS data, but any additional data sources you wish to include. Enterprise Consulting has added the capability to fully implement IFS EOI to our suite of services and products.

IFS EOI lets executives and managers review and orchestrate processes that align with their business strategy. This allows them to ensure process execution delivers that strategy—EOI software drives these processes into end-users’ desktop functions. The EOI solution also provides end-users with a complete understanding of which functions deliver real customer value, those that are less effective, and those which waste both time and resources in terms of delivering the organizational goals. Ultimately, IFS EOI enables businesses to accelerate the realization of their business strategy—by making better decisions, faster. This can happen by assessing real-time business performance in the context of how it affects key business processes and goals, giving managers real-time operational intelligence and actionable controls to solve issues before they become problems.

Successful companies recognize that making their operations smarter requires end-to-end operational intelligence. IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence starts with the top-level business strategy and goals, which we capture in the BizMap™, incrementally connecting real-time data to monitor and manage the end-to-end processes.


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