North American Network (NAN) is a group of 12 Local Business Partner (LBP) organizations with 12 different sets of legacy ERP systems. The local business partnership exists as these companies are all distributors of a common supplier that operate in non-competing territories. These 12 companies banded together to implement IFS Applications 8.1 to address their common platform, service and business issues. Enterprise Consulting has played a key role in managing and supporting NAN throughout the 12 company implementations. Based on a common IFS configuration developed and deployed as the primary baseline for all 12 LBPs, Enterprise Consulting has provided leadership, Project Management, Technical Support, and Functional Support, both in preparation for, and in support of, IFS Go-Live. This includes a full suite of IFS Modules as well as a number of third party applications.

Though there was a single, common configuration of IFS that all 12 NAN companies agreed to adhere to, Enterprise Consulting helped each individual LBP optimize their needs within that context. There were three waves of four LBPs that went “live” together, with Enterprise Consulting often providing LBP specific preparation recommendations and IFS training.

The successful end result was:

  • A single solution - IFS Applications full suite of modules implemented across the 12 NAN LBPs including Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing, Service Management, Projects, Document Management, Human Resources, Security and Time and Attendance.
  • Integrations with IFS Applications implemented for Mobile Work Order, Agile, Cedar Bay and Kofax.
  • A common design developed and deployed, providing a singular solution or “one version of the truth” throughout the NAN companies.
  • Standardized business processes and implementation of new “best practice” methodologies.
  • Single reporting solution - BI/BA toolset
  • 12 LBPs live on IFS Applications


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