ERP Implementations

Most clients measure the success of an ERP implementation using metrics such as: initial cost, ongoing maintenance expense, and return on investment.

Due to the current competitive business climate, we recommend that our clients track additional metrics such as disruptions in operations, impact on productivity, and the level of ERP adoption across the enterprise.

Many of us have heard stories about failed ERP implementations, cost over-runs, time delays, disruptions in operations and worse. Enterprise Consulting helps clients avoid these pitfalls by leveraging our team of experienced ERP implementation consultants and using our proven ERP implementation methodology

ERP Implementation Expertise

ERP systems are utilized by almost every department in a company, so a successful ERP implementation is critical.

Enterprise Consulting's team of experienced ERP consultants helps companies avoid implementation problems by helping them manage complexity, risk, and data integration challenges.

Proven Methodology

Our proven ERP implementation methodology is tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our experienced consultants guide you through the implementation process which reduces the load on company resources.

ERP Implementation Experts

Most companies don't have ERP experts in-house. Our team of consultants has expertise in all areas of an ERP implementation. We provide project management, business process review, configuration of the future state, end user training and testing, data conversion, and driving performance improvements.

An Engaged Process

We're with you every step of the way. The most successful and implementations occur when company resources are fully engaged in the process. Enterprise Consulting helps you get alignment with your resources, the executive team and the needs of the project.

Enterprise Consulting's ERP Implementation Methodology

ERP Implementation Process

Additional ERP Implementation Services

  • Process Reviews: Enterprise Consulting will take any business process, compare it to the capabilities of your ERP system, and define the optimal process for your business. We leverage our combined expertise in business process improvement and ERP to help you achieve optimal efficiency.
  • ERP Implementation Project Management: Enterprise project managers are experts in managing both client and vendor teams to a successful ERP implementation.
  • ERP Configuration, Extensions and Interfaces: Our team excels at setting your ERP system up to provide the maximum level of efficiency possible. We do this by leveraging our expertise in the available configuration tools (custom events, triggers, scripts, custom fields, etc.). We will also recommend extensions and third party systems that will help improve efficiency further, and we can build the interfaces with these systems to create a seamless experience for your system users.
  • Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Reporting: Enterprise Consulting can help you define and implement a reporting strategy utilizing the latest tools and technologies to provide people at all levels of your organization with the information they need to run the business efficiently.
  • Database Support: We are experts in both Oracle and SQL Server. We will help you setup and configure your database(s) to run efficiently. We will also work with you to develop and implement a backup and recovery strategy that provides an appropriate level of protection for your business.

Your Go-To Resource for Effective ERP Implementation

Our team of experienced ERP consultants can help you implement your new ERP system faster and more efficiently. Enterprise Consulting's in-depth ERP experience, combined with our knowledge of many different industries, makes us a valuable partner during your ERP implementation. As our clients will attest, Enterprise Consulting's ERP implementation experience is a main ingredient to successful ERP project management. Our team supports all of the activities necessary for a successful transformation to a new information system.


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