Process Review

Enterprise Consulting's proprietary approach to help you maximize efficiency of your processes, leveraging the full capabilities of your ERP system.

We start with identifying the specific problem(s) to be solved, and stated goals and objectives to be achieved. These goals and objectives can be purely business related (i.e. paperless process, optimize workflow, etc.) and/or specific issues to solve within the ERP system (begin tracking revisions of stored documents, have documents accessible electronically, etc.).

Workshop to review the As-Is process and identify gaps or issues to be solved. This is a collaborative process involving meetings/discussions with key people involved.

Next we analyze the findings and develop solution options with rough estimates for the effort and/or cost involved in each option.

Meeting to discuss each solution option and finalize the approach.

Documentation, delivery and validation of the solution blueprint (our findings and recommendations).

Process reviews are a quick and inexpensive way to get a handle on your Business and ERP issues, and begin moving towards a solution.


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