After an intensive search, Enterprise Consulting was engaged to help Sea Foam Sales Company select an ERP solution for their growing business. Sea Foam Sales Company manufactures and distributes a line of engine additives, lubricants, and cleaners for automotive and small engine use. Sea Foam Sales Company faced a number of challenges that made it very difficult for them to find and select an ERP solution without expert help.

Enterprise Consulting was selected to help Sea Foam Sales Company based on their history of success and proven methodology for ERP Selections. The Enterprise Consulting Business Analyst, a highly experienced resource, started by gathering all the business requirements, current and future, through a series of interviews with management, core team members, and suppliers. Once the requirements were fully known, Enterprise Consulting relied on their extensive experience to create a suitable RFP and list of ERP solutions that matched both the functional needs and budgetary realities.

With collaboration from Sea Foam Sales Company, a final list of providers was chosen to receive the RFP. Of the ten providers chosen to receive the RFP, six responded. The responses were analyzed and compared, and a short list of three providers was agreed upon. The final three providers were given a demonstration script and schedule for provider discovery and demonstrations. As the providers demonstrated their solutions (both product and services) a common rating document was used by all participants so that comparisons could be easily made. After the demonstrations, Sea Foam Sales Company and Enterprise Consulting collaboratively identified a first and second ERP vendor choice. Both were invited back for a meeting/demonstration to respond to a short list of specific questions, as well as provide final and specific pricing for both solutions and implementation/support. At the end of this somewhat rigorous process, Sea Foam Sales Company was unanimous in their team’s selection. Contracts were quickly signed, and the implementation was kicked off.

Sea Foam Sales Company was very happy with Enterprise Consulting’s selection process, their expertise and personnel, which helped them achieve a selection that they are excited to leverage with their continued growth.


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